About RaymondTheBrave

I was about 22 years old and had a good career in IT as a lead programmer. However I thought, was this all life was about? Working, eating, playing sport and sleeping. So I started to search for something more in life. I must state at this time I had never been to church in any form as my parents were not religious at all. I knew nothing about Christianity. I read furiously about the history of the world and what other people believed.

I had long discussions with a Christian lady who answered many questions.

I came across a couple of old Christian books; some by E.W. Kenyon and other authors. They were about Jesus and what he taught. I started to read the bible. Initially I could not really understand what it was saying, but I knew in my heart that there was truth here. So I continued to read the bible and other Christian teaching books. A well known Teacher and Evangelist came to Johannesburg in August 1984. They held the tent meeting at the Johannesburg show grounds at night. So one night I went by myself in the rain. I sat at the back of the meeting by myself and listened to the message. I don’t remember what he preached on but I felt something touch me deep inside. So when at the end of the service they asked who wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour I put up my hand and then they asked us to walk up to the front of the meeting with lots of people watching. He prayed a simple prayer and then they led us off to a side tent where we were individually spoken to explaining what had just happened. That my spirit had been recreated anew and I was born again as Nicodemus was told by Jesus.

I felt a peace, love and a joy which could not be explained. I felt clean and that I had come home. I no longer felt insignificant, but loved and I had a meaning for my life.

I did not know anything about sin and the other Christian terms but I knew for sure that I has been changed inside forever which no one could take away or dissuade me. From that time I sought God with all my heart and soul. The mind is the battlefield where we try and understand God which we cannot. It takes a step of faith like me putting up my hand and walking forward. Faith is believing what Gods says is true without having any evidence but that which is in your heart saying “YES”.

I have been a Home Cell Leader and Temporary Youth Leader.

I attended a one year Bible College night course. I attended the College everyday after work.

I have a great wife Sarah who has made such an impact on my life. We met via an internet dating site in November 2005. Sarah had prayed for a tall South African over 6′ 4″ who was kind and I had prayed for a woman who had children and would accept me as I am and was outgoing. Although I was born in the UK I spent over 28 years living and working in South Africa.

I love people and sharing information and want to help in any way I can.

I have managed large teams of people as an IT Manger at major international organisations /companies and have learnt some very hard lessons over many years and hope I can share information which will help you not make the same mistakes. I have worked in the Middle East, Australia, UK, Canada, Egypt and South Africa.

So much has changed in the world from 1977 when I started working, with the advent of Information Technology (computers) and Mobile phones available to everyone on the planet.  People are stressed and seem to have no time for family or friends. We need to make time for people. Illness seems to be everywhere in various forms. I believe that lifestyle and what we eat has a major impact on our health, this is not a cliché as I have experienced the outcome. The quality of our food is important and not the quantity. We all need to eat less but a diet that allows our bodies to heal itself or keep us from getting ill in the first place. Although medical science has progressed exponentially in knowledge and technical skills we still have many people sick and dying. In my opinion medical science will never know fully how the human body works.

Challenges in Life

I was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in 2005 and I am expecting my healing to come soon. The illness first started showing its symptoms some 15 years ago, but I did not recognise it then. I would sleep at my desk at work or in the car in the car park. I would sleep all weekend. My mental facilities deteriorated over time, which I needed as a Senior IT Consultant performing at the time, software support for an International company.  I had divorced in 1995 which had a much larger impact on my life than I realised. Working too hard finally caused my brain to close down. I also had emotional issues to deal with and the impact of my childhood on my understanding of people and the world.

God Bless and I hope you learn something from the articles, information and maps that I have posted. If you would like some information on other related subjects then please let me know.

I pray you learn something about funny seemingly weird Christians.