Hitler and Abortion what is the Difference?

Hitler and Abortion what is the Difference? 

This might seem like a funny question until you have watched the below video. Our understanding of morals and ethics have been warped, but with some probing questions it is amazing how so many people make the right choices once they understand what they are really saying when answering a question without thinking of what it means in reality.

To abort or not to abort…that is the question. But what is the answer? I mean, the right answer?

It is amazing how many people establish an opinion on such an important issue without having all the facts. If we are honest, we will all admit, everything we hear or read in the media is not “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. The media (depending on the source), will often skew facts or completely leave some out so the public will have no other choice but to come to the same conclusion the media representative has established. That sounds more like communism than a democracy.

Well, this media representative on the video does not think the American people are so feeble-minded they cannot arrive at the right decision if they are provided with the whole truth.

This vividly intense documentary shares the truth about abortion, how it effects the morality of a nation and people just like you. Because, the issue of morality was brought up by some of the interviewees, a clear and biblical Gospel presentation is also included in this movie.


I found 180 to be a passionate and intellectually gripping movie. It presents the viewer with a perspective on abortion that speaks directly to the condition of a person’s heart, rather than keep abortion at a comfortable, political distance. The movie opens with a stern warning that history will be repeated, if we are not wise enough to educate ourselves and learn from it.

Abortion is not only a hot political topic, but it can hit closer to home. It can affect marriages.

Prior to marriage, some couples do not consider whether abortion is an option for their spouse. They assume their husband/wife feels the same. However, when they are “surprised” with the news of a baby, they were not expecting (emotionally, financially, etc.) or they discover that the baby has a deformity or other possible health issues; abortion is often mentioned by medical professionals, friends and family members.

Married women account for 18.4% of abortions*, often leaving devastating heartache that some marriages do not recover from. So why not provide information to everyone, prior to marriage about the truth of abortion.

*Statistic taken from The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform,  http://abortionno.org/abortion-facts/


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