Abortion the Ultimate Exploitation of Women

I am attaching a Book called the Abortion the Ultimate Exploitation of Women written by Brian Fisher. It does not centre on Christianity but the actual issues that emanate from the abortion process including the impact on the fathers.

I am focusing on this issue as it impacts the world and especially the western world so deeply that it is hurting so many people and especially families. I am not trying to upset or harass anyone although it might feel like it. Most people are able to understand this subject and are caring people and I hope that reading something that puts this subject in perspective with the correct data and research will help all of you understand my passion for this subject.

Abortion the Ultimate Exploitation of Women

Abortion might seem like a simple answer to a simple problem but it is not. I have seen the devastation that an abortion can have on a women and the family, also the possibility of a failed abortion which happens more often than you think and they have to murder the baby outside the woman’s body by cutting the spinal cord in many countries. It is illegal to do this in the UK at the moment however it is not provable that this is not taking place anyway. It is murder as it is the premeditated taking of a life and this is backed up by law, so anyone involved can be charged with 1st Degree Murder.

WHO Abortion Figures 2008 In Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women, you will discover:

  • The original women’s rights movement was NOT behind the legalization of abortion. In fact, it was the author of the Equal Rights Amendment, feminist Alice Paul, who first referred to abortion as the “ultimate exploitation of women.”
  • The legalization of abortion in the United States was backed by the United Nations as a form of population control.
  • Today, men oppress women both physically and emotionally through forced abortion. Sixty-four percent of women in crisis pregnancies admit to feeling pressured by the baby’s father to terminate life.

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women is a must-read for anyone interested in women’s rights, the sanctity of life, or the reality of abortion. 

If you are a woman, read this book to gain an even greater understanding and man’s perspective on the issue, then share it with the men in your life. If you are a man, I implore you to read this book and take ownership of abortion as not just ‘a women’s issue.’ ”

Shadia Hrichi, pro-life speaker and author

Click on the following for the PDF e-Book  Abortion the Ultimate Exploitation of Women e-Book



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