Dates of Bible Translations

Dates of Bible Translations

Dates of Bible Translations

Major Popular Versions are made Bold 

285 BC: Old Testament translated into Greek in Alexandria (termed ‘Septuagint’)

130 AD: Aquila re-translates Hebrew Old Testament into (very literal) Greek [preferred over Septuagint by Jewish orthodoxy]

405: Jerome’s Latin Vulgate

435: Peshitta (Vulgate Syriac) by Rabbula (translated into English by Lamsa 1957)

500-900? ‘Masoretic text’ of Old Testament finalised

1380: John Wycliffe

1422: Moses Arragel, Hebrew into Spanish

1516: Erasmus’s Latin translation in parallel with edited Greek ‘Textus Receptus’

1534: Tyndall (revised version: God’s Truth, Yes Word)

1534: German (Martin Luther)

1535: Coverdale translates Luther into English

1550: Greek (Stephanus)

1560: Geneva

1582/1609: Douay-Rheims

1611/1769: KJV

1790: John Wesley [NT only]

1833: Noah Webster

1851: Brenton’s Septuagint

1860? Ferrar Fenton

1890: Darby Bible

1898: Young’s Literal Translation

1901: American Standard

1902 (1913?): Weymouth

1902: Emphasized Bible (JB Rotherham)

1910: French (Louis Segond)

1939: An American Translation (Goodspeed and Smith)

1949/1964: Basic English

1952: Revised Standard Version

1957: Lamsa Bible translated from Peshitta (Vulgate Syrian)

1958: JB Phillips NT

1960 (1971, 1977): New American Standard

1961: New English Bible

1961: Wuest Expanded Translation

1962: Modern KJV by Jay P Greene

1964/1987: Amplified

1966: Jerusalem Bible

1966: Today’s English Version (Good News Bible) [1976, 1994]

1969: Cotton Patch Version

1969: New Life Version

1970: New American Bible

1971: Living Bible [info]

1971/1995: New American Standard

1973: New International Version [New Testament Only]

1976: God’s Word [1995]

1978/1987: Easy-To-Read version

1978: (NIV) New International Version [COMPLETE]

1982: New KJV

1984: New International Version [Revised]

1985: “The Original” (actual name of the book) NT

1987: Literal Translation by Jay P Greene

1987: New Century Version

1989: New RSV [1990]

1991: A Poet’s Bible by David Rosenberg

1993: The Message

1993: Worldwide English

1993: Scholars Version (Jesus Seminar edition of gospels only)

1994: King James 21stC

1994: The Scriptures

1995: Contemporary English Version

1995: Anointed Standard Version

1995: Non-Ecclesiastical New Testament by Frank Daniels

1996: Int’l Standard Version

1996: New Living Translation

1996/1998: New International Readers Version

1997: World English Bible

1997: New English Translation

1998: David Palmer Gospels

1998: Third Millennium Bible

1998: Aramaic Bible

1998: Concordant

1999 Modern Literal Version

1999: Analytical-Literal Translation

2001: Covenant Translation

2002 Today’s New International Version (TNIV)

2003:  Evidence Bible (KJV)


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